All images by Jake Terrey for Vogue Australia.

From the field: Jessica Gomes and Vogue visit India

World Vision Ambassador Jessica Gomes flew to northern India to see some of our projects firsthand where she saw how even the simplest change can be life changing.

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Model Jessica Gomes is no stranger to our work. As a World Vision Ambassador, she has joined us in Peru and rallied support for the 40 Hour Famine and Syrian refugee crisis.

More recently, Jessica travelled with Vogue magazine to northern India to visit some of our projects in education, sanitation, family health and women’s empowerment. She saw how even the smallest contribution has the power to change lives – whether through a toilet block, a new borehole or small business training.



“I didn’t realise how the smallest donation could go a long way,” she said. “I think that’s really incredible.”  

 After visits to villages, schools, health centres and self-help groups, she saw how something as simple as a toilet block and running water can be especially life-changing for women and girls. She spoke with women who feel safe knowing they don’t need to wait until dark to relieve themselves, and girls confident enough to attend school during their periods. 

“You meet the girls who have been part of World Vision and they are so strong and […] they’re so boisterous and they’re not afraid to speak up."

Read more about Jessica Gomes' India trip in the March issue of Vogue.


The wonderful thing is World Vision are really changing communities’ lives, and there is hope that things are getting better – I’ve seen that first hand.

Jessica Gomes